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Mechanical properties of faecal sludge

Introduction. The characteristics of faecal sludge in on-site sanitation systems may vary extensively depending on factors such as number of users, toilet use and lifestyle habits of the users, topography, location, urban or rural settlement (Penn et al., 2018; Rose et al., 2015; Zuma et al., 2015).The purpose of this data note is to disseminate the data that was collected through assessing

Slimy Discharge From a Sump Pump

If you have a slimy discharge from your sump pump, you probably have a problem with iron bacteria, which is also known as iron ocher, iron algae or the red stuff." The bacteria that feed on iron form a sticky, slimy, jelly-like deposit in your drainage system and well.

Contact HCP pumps South Africa

HCP Pumps SA is the sole importer of HCP Pumps in South Africa. Our products can be found in the mining and construction industries. The smaller pumps are used by domestic s, plumbers and farmers. "We Sell Solutions" says it all! We have built our reputation on the fact that we will only offer a pump if we know it will work.

How To Dissolve Sludge

Jun 14, 2006The snake line would come out the end but I still couldnt get the drain to drain water. The place where tool was rented didnt give me several bits so all I had was the spear type. But what I am wondering is, is there something that will disolve that sludge looking buiild up on pipes. I can only imagine that it is so built up once i remove snake

Sludge Dewatering Systems, Centrifuge, Belt Press

Sludge is flocculated using polymers, introduced on the belt and the released water is drained through the gravity belt. Drying Dewatered Cake. Fergus Power Pump, Inc. offers Mobile Biosolids Management Services to clients throughout Minnesota and Nationally in producing Class A pathogen reduction, vector attraction reduction.

How to Clean Sludge Out of Your Water Tank

This method ensures that all the sludge is cleaned out, however you need to empty all your water and climbing into a tank can be dangerous. Sadly, not all water tanks can be easily accessed inside. An alternative method is to purchase a rainwater tank cleaning pump to vacuum it all out.

Dredging Services

Dewatering / Sludge Bags. Dredging Services makes use of dewatering/sludge bags to prevent water loss and erosion during the dredging process. This environmentally friendly option is ideal for maintaining the structural integrity and water levels of dams, ponds etc. Contact us on: Mobile: +27 (0)82 226 9420; infodredging-services


The sludge resulting from this process represents the next challenge for the water treatment industry, in particular the minimizing of its volume. This Sludge Dewatering handbook will present the key parameters to take into account in order to optimi-ze sludge treatment with

How to Make a PVC Water / Air / Vacuum Pump! : 8 Steps

How to Make a PVC Water / Air / Vacuum Pump!: In this project you'll learn how to make a customizable PVC hand pump that will create vacuum suction, pump water, or compress air. A pre-requisite to making the pump will be 2 homemade check valves. You can learn how to make these cheap PVC ch

Waste Water Pump, Wastewater Treatment Industry

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter: A submerged drum rotates in wastewater sludge its each revolution consists of sludge drying, cake formation and cake disposal. The vacuum is applied by means of liquid ring vacuum pump and it draws liquid via filter medium on the drum surface which retains the solids.

Industrial Filter Press Pumps

Filter press pumps are often used in wastewater, food processing, and chemical plants for effective sludge dewatering. Slurries enter the filter press, which passes the mixture through a series of filters to remove water and form slurry "cakes," reducing disposal costs for the resulting water and solid cake.

Slurry Pumps

The Warman pump: A trusted name in slurry pumps since 1938. Slurry transportation is at the heart of a mine site, so it's crucial your pumping equipment is up to the task. Is your existing pump vibrating, cavitating or leaking? Does your pump shaft keep breaking? Maybe you're

Additives To Central Heating System To Remove

3-9-2019Are there any additives that I can add to our central heating system to process sludge and scale by running the central heating for a month or so then draining it and flushing it out. I have a 1L bottle of Sentinel X100 inhibitor but that is what is added after

Slimy Discharge From a Sump Pump

3-7-2020If you have a slimy discharge from your sump pump, you probably have a problem with iron bacteria, which is also known as iron ocher, iron algae or the red stuff." The bacteria that feed on iron form a sticky, slimy, jelly-like deposit in your drainage system and well.

Superior Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Werner Pumps manufactures and supplies High Pressure Jetting Units from 2.2 kW Electric Power Packs to 12-cylinder diesel Powered units mounted either on trucks or trailers. Sourced imported components or spares are either converted and/or adapted when required to cope and operate within the extreme and demanding unique local "African" conditions.

Settling Tank Pumps

Settling Tank Pumps – Desludge and Cleanup. Settling Tanks, which are also referred to as basins or clarifiers are used in many industries such as mining, wastewater treatment, and oil to allow particles suspended in the water column to settle out.This creates a more purified product but also leaves a layer of solids or sludge at the bottom of the tank, which needs to be removed.


TRASH AND SLUDGE PUMPS. Wet-end replacements. SLUDGE, WATER CHEMICAL PUMPS. Replacement engine and pump on base plate kit. FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT KIT. Wet-end replacements. Petrol or Diesel-driven. HIGH PRESSURE PUMPS. FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT. Home. Our Story. Dealers. OEM. Contact Us. Small Engines.

China Sludge Pump with Submersible Affluent Pump

Products Name:Sludge pump with submersible affluent pump Product overview: AS series submersible sewage pump by ABS company of Germany advanced technology, especially for transport with hard solids, fibers of the liquid, and particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquid. All AS pumps are fitted with splitting mechanism to fiber sewage, bags


P R: recirculation pump; P F: feeding pump; P S: sludge extraction pump. The two compartments of MULESL basin are separated by means of a concrete vertical partition lower than the perimeter walls of the basin so that the liquid can overflow from the biomass to liquid phase zone (see Fig. 1 ).

How Engine Sludge Forms. And How To Prevent It. – AMSOIL Blog

Jul 24, 2019Sludge can block the oil passages and oil-pump pick-up screen, resulting in oil starvation. Often, the negative effects are cumulative rather than sudden. Many engines with variable valve timing (VVT) use oil-pressure-operated mechanical devices to change valve timing, duration and lift.

Septic Sludge Buildup: Septic maintenance Needed

The problem with too much sludge. Septic sludge is normal for any septic tank. The aerobic bacteria aren't able to decompose every solid waste that enters the system. This leads to layers of sludge on the tank floor. As time progresses, the sludge layer will continue to get

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