Prof. Henry J.C. de Vries , MD, PhD 

Dept. dermatology, AMC, University of Amsterdam & STI outpatient clinic, Municipal Health Service Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Curriculum Vitae 

Henry de Vries is a dermatologist-venereologist with expertise in infectious skin diseases especially sexually transmitted infections and tropical skin diseases. His PhD thesis in 1994 was focused on cutaneous wound healing and was rewarded with the Leiden Hippocrates Study prize 1995, and the Sandoz Research Prize 1997. Recent research topics involve; lymphogranuloma venereum proctitis, an emerging STI in mostly HIV positive gay men in industrialised countries, cutaneous leishmaniasis, an emerging infectious ulcerative tropical skin disease, and the viral pathogenesis of lichen ruber planus. He works as professor of skin infections at the University of Amsterdam, department of Dermatology and as consultant dermatologist at the Amsterdam municipal health service STI outpatient clinic, with 30,000 patients/year the largest STI setting in the country. He is expert advisor to the National Centre for Infectious diseases control, member of the national Health Council (Gezondheidraad) which advises the minister on the mass HPV vaccination against cervical cancer and was chair of the commission to organise a quality and audit system for STI outpatient clinics appointed by the National Centre for Infectious diseases control.


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